Saturday, 6 May 2017

Blogging update

Well, here I am again feeling very sorry for myself having not blogged here for quite a long time.  My other blog The Cycle Hub has had more attention and far more page hits.  The simple solution is to spend more time blogging, true, and as an alternative I can bring a few posts across here to start the momentum going.  So that's what I'm aiming to do.

In the meantime, please allow me to explain where I am.

Physically I'm sitting in my car at Grafham Water Visitor Centre's large car park.  My youngest daughter is doing a powerboat licence course at the nearby Sailing Centre.  After dropping her off I had a nice run, all around Graham Water and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I managed an average pace of 8:35/mile which isn't too bad and means I covered the 8.8 miles in 1hr 16mins.  I have my Mac connected to my phone which is providing a hotspot.

In terms of where I am in life, that's a bit more involved in the sense there's more to say:

  • Exercise - I'm still running as you can tell from the briefest report of this morning's run around Graham Water.  I guess I do about 15 miles a week generally, somewhat less than 2015 when I cracked over 1,000 miles in the year.  I'm not cycling much these days, tends to be local cycling with a little commuting thrown in.
  • Gym - I have put my membership on hold for the next three months, with it being summer.  Although I have quite a good deal (i.e. local authority staff discount) I'm not convinced I get the best value out of it but I can tell you a little more about that another time.
  • Family - all fine.  Eldest daughter is at University reading pure maths, pretty heavy stuff in my view what with ealing with imaginary numbers.  Apparently conventional numbers (0, 1, 2, 3 etc) are too limiting.  Youngest daughter is at college having taken the residential option and doing various outdoor things which she thoroughly enjoys, compared to written assignments.  Rachel my wife continues to be my most important and loving friend, soulmate and the person I'm so pleased to have made so many solemn promises to way back in the last century when we got married.
  • Work - I've moved away from the murky world of criminal justice.  It was the appalling privatisation programme which finished me off.  Although large numbers of staff left through redundancy packages, some very generous, I held on trying to see the changes through, survived the eye watering restructure and then decided to resign.  I did this as I just didn't like what was left, not to mention the shysters who were the new owners.  When will the Conservative Government learn there are some things which should be retained in the public sector?
  • Health - now I'm 55 I regret to say I have hit a few snags.  I'll blog about these soon and if the truth is known, I'm still in a sort of denial about some issues which have emerged.
So there you go, a brief update on where I am.  Please contact me in the usual way if you'd like to, or alternatively leave a comment below.

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