Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Health issues continue

Well this raised blood pressure lark isn't really going to plan and I'm a bit perplexed, so these health issues continue somewhat.
In spite of taking one of the tablets each day, as per prescription, I have not noticed any difference at all and it has been over a week now - my blood pressure is STILL around 150/100.
What's more, I have been having a dose each day of BeetActive which I acquired as a free sample at the London Bike Show.  Having become a real genuine fan of the company's CheeryActive drink I guess I was naturally assuming the BeetActive would do the trick in a similar way.  It hasn't as yet, or perhaps I'm not being as disciplined about it as I should be.
You see I take the medication at night and then have a glass of BeetActive in the morning, just after I have taken my blood pressure reading.  I think there's a chance I'm not giving it much of a chance because:
  • some "treatments" take time to take effect and are more accumulative over a period of time.  We're not talking about simple headache pills here - I only take a paracetamol once a year, if that, and then I'm completely better in 20 minutes.  Seems different now.
  • the effect might only be short-lived.  If I have a glass of BeetActive, it could well reduce my blood pressure for a while but not for a steady 24/7 period
For once I'm actually looking forward to returning to the Doctor.  Not just because I might be lucky and have another easy-going conversation about juicing but because I seriously want to get this solved.  As a reminder there are no real drivers for my blood pressure to be on the high side - vegetarian, enough exercise, good weight, teetotal, smoke free, caffeine free and so on.   There are a couple of possible drivers which haven't really been considered much by either me or my Doctor:
  • salt intake.  Although I hardly ever add any salt to a meal, salt can lead to raised blood pressure and there does seem to be quite a bit of salt in the foods I enjoy.  These include peanut butter and bread.
  • me.  I do wonder if I'm a bit highly strung and simply winding up by blood pressure because that's who I am.  By that I mean I'm a bit of a Type A personality and rather critical of myself
I did find this article on BeetActive as a way of lowering blood pressure.  It's no panacea but according to the article it does have a part to play.  Otherwise beetroots are certainly a healthy addition to the diet which I do like in any event.
As for the BeetActive itself, I'm sorry I don't care for th e taste too much, perhaps a personal thing.  I wouldn't drink it out of choice and therefore I tend to mix up a glass and drink it all in one go and as quickly as I can.

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