Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Feeling so smug

There are times when I'm feeling so smug on my bicycle.  This includes the times when I go from A to B faster on a bike than people in cars.  Naturally this will infuriate some motorists and I'm pretty unrepentant with this.
Perhaps the time when I'm feeling the most smug is at our local Sainsbury's.  I quite often do some of our shopping there by bike and normally I'm fairly good at judging how much shopping will fit in my pannier bags.  Last Saturday I slightly underestimated how much I had and had difficulty in squeezing everything in.
As you can see, luck was on my side as I discovered Innocent smoothie bottles are a perfect fit for the standard water bottle cage.  How thoughtful of Innocent to do this, especially as it fits so perfectly and this particular smoothie even looks good against the colour of my blue frame.
It's true I had some funny looks from other shoppers.  These were shoppers pushing their heavy trolleys towards their cars and they looked sorry for me loading my shopping into my pannier bags, probably thinking I couldn't afford a car or possibly lost my licence.  I just don't care!  And yes, I did feel so very smug as I passed them all getting out of the car park and into the congested town centre roads.
Definitely feeling so smug.  Perhaps this could be the 51st reason to be a cyclist?

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