Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Sleep tips for athletes

I love sleeping.  Getting good sleep is so important and this ‘Sleep like a Champion’ infographic caught my eye.  While its about Sleep tips for athletes – it’s all so true for everyone!
It normally takes me 20 seconds to fall asleep at night, perhaps even less if I’ve had a run or a bike ride during the day.  Now I don’t think I can prove this but sometimes I almost know when I’m having a really good, deep sleep.  I can almost feel my body repairing itself!      This is a strange feeling and one which I do like when I remember it.
Thinking about it, I normally get about 7.5 hours sleep each night, so I guess this is in the right range, although I do admit that I like the idea of having a nap or a siesta in the afternoon.  Not that that is ever going to happen!  How about you – how many hours sleep do you get?

My friends at Casper, a start-up business that has been committed to sleep since the creation of their comfortable mattress, shared this graphic with me in hope of spreading better sleep habits to all athletes!

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