Tuesday, 9 May 2017

BBC 3CR Health Show

Myself and Nana Akua

I've been on the radio again!  This time I was the guest of Nana Akua and her excellent BBC 3CR Health Show which is broadcast at 1:00 - 2:00pm on Sundays.
The topic this time was all about managing stress and, as you know, this is something which I've experienced and was the catalyst for all of this running, cycling and blogging.
Nana was such a lovely person to be interviewed by.  We started the conversation off with me explaining the nature of the stress I was under.  This was all about workplace based stress and how the stress levels were affecting me.  The conversation flowed through taking  up cycling, running and joining a gym.
Also Nana surprised me by commenting on my skin and saying how nice it was - now that was a first for me!  I don't think anyone has ever commented on my skin before.  The funny thing is that this happened TWICE - once in the off-air sound check and also once we were on the air!
I must admit to feeling a tad nervous (dry mouth etc) to start with as I didn't know her at all but once the conversation was underway it seemed to run okay.  It's always fascinating being in a radio station and being interviewed live, even though it's a little nerve wracking to start off with.  In fact I'd say I love having opportunities to talk about dealing with stress and healthy living.
Just after my slot there was the show's regular smoothie challenge.  This is where guests and callers pick which ingredients go into the smoothie - now some of these are a bit weird (coffee granules, pesto sauce, mustard) and it is either down to the Producer or Presenter to drink the smoothie.  You know what, this really did happen, it wasn't simply sound effects!

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