Thursday, 24 May 2012

The sheer joy of an early morning run

Just a few brief thoughts from this morning's 8.5 mile run...

  • Decided to do my favourite hilly run this morning, setting off at 5.40am.  Once outside town it takes in a few hills, some woodland trails and some open views before dropping back into the urban area 
  • How wonderful being up and out before anyone else.  My family were slumbering away.
  • At last the weather in May is as it ought to be
  • Very misty, especially higher up but there is the promise of that fading away by a rising temperature through the day.   I love the hazy sunshine we get at this time of year
  • Why couldn't I have gone sooner?
  • I knew I had to think through some issues from work - some don't "get it" and should.... how can I fix that?  I'm normally adept at manoeuvring these situations, I just need to work out my strategy.
  • Pace - gentle for most but delighted in a few faster stretches
  •  Again that feeling of freedom.  I am so thankful I live in a free society in a peaceful country and do not take this for granted.  I have no fear of being mugged, robbed or being any kind of victim
  • I have the rest of the day ahead of me (a days' leave from work as well!) and what will it bring?
  • I have problems at work but this run is a brilliant reminder of being able to conquer these issues; to rise above things, to draw people along and not having  to push or drag people
  • I am thankful I could run so much further but 8.5 miles was enough today.
Going for a bike ride soon.... (yipeeeeee)


  1. I agree with all of that but for my own part, my legs feel terribly stiff in the morning so a slow warm-up is essential for me.

  2. Good being on a similar wavelength!