Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Keeping my bike clean?

When I got the Thorn Audax in January last year, I felt like an excited school boy with a new shiny racer.  It's always nice to have a beautifully maintained and lubricated bike but I became very self-conscious in the early days with spokes glistening in the sunlight.

Soon I saw it differently and have continued to keep a certain amount of dirt on the bike.  Here's why I keep it with a little dirt on:
  • Attracts less attention from would-be thieves, blending in makes me feel a little more modest
  • Maximise cycling time, instead of fiddling around keeping it clean
  • It's good to keep the chain extra clean: this will really reduce the rate of wear and extend the life of the chain and sprocket
  • Not setting myself up as an expert cyclist
  • Becoming more interested in the mechanical side could turn out to be expensive.... "ah I could do with upgrading X and while I'm at it I might as well do Y at the same time.  Then I'll need special tools for doing this and a workshop stand" and the list goes on and on....
  • BUT I am less likely to spot something that's worn or about to fall off
  • "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"
What about you?  Do you clean your bike?


  1. Hi Doug,
    I bought my first bike 3 weeks ago. It's a Marin Larkspur C2 so not in the same league as yours but I love it. I have cleaned it religiously after every ride so far and I'm wondering how long I can keep it up. I did my first Audax on Saturday - the 50km Victorian Post Boxes and I loved it!
    I enjoy reading your blog and need to get back to writing my own.
    Best wishes

  2. Well done Sue!

    I've never taken part in a cycle event but will one of these days. Glad you liked it - will you do another?

    We miss your blog and we'll look forward to catching up with it when you get a chance to update us and the world!

  3. Thanks,
    I am doing the Great Notts Bike Ride in July and hoping to improve my cycling enough to do a 100km Audax in September.
    It's a funny thing about blogs - I love reading other people's but imagine no-one will be interested in mine. I posted about my graduation on C25K yesterday and people said they had enjoyed reading my blogs and encouraged me to continue.
    I think I might.

    1. A 100km audax - that's terrific Sue, keep us posted as you work up for it.

      Yep blogging is all part of this healthy lifestyle for many people - good fun and keep it up - you'll never regret it.