Monday, 21 May 2012

More Coast to Coast training

As you know, we are planning to ride a Coast to Coast route during the fast-approaching half term break.  So here's a couple of snaps on a recent Sunday afternoon cycle ride to get limbered up a bit.  Getting Becky and Hannah up and out took some doing but they were reassured the ride was only 4 miles.  Well, I can tell you, I got that completely wrong and seriously under estimated the distance.  They were none the wiser and didn't complain a bit once I'd relented and agreed to buy an ice cream for each of them (not that I really approve of Sunday trading).

Look Dad, this frame really is too small....

Hannah enjoying a bit  of "me" time

Becky trying out my bike

Becky has had her eye on my bike for several months, knowing that with the seat down a bit she can ride okay.  While she can ride it, it really is the wrong size reach etc.  A real laugh seeing her in my cycling shoes that are too big, even for me!   She is wanting a new bike for her birthday in July.  A women's specific bike 50-52com frame or thereabouts, perhaps with a triple chainset, would be absoluetly ideal.  Any suggestions or offers? 

Just leave me a comment and maybe we can discuss further?



  2. Marvelous, marvelous MARVELOUS! :)

  3. Thanks Anonymous and also to Pavel.

  4. Doug, you don't mention how tall your daughter is but mine at age twelve and 5'2.75" (158cm) is just at the stage where she can ride her 43 cm Fuji Touring bike comfortable. Actually is is comfortable except in the same way as you describe in where the reach is a bit too long. I got the bike by accident where I bought it from my friend who is 168 cm tall had it sold to him when he did not know anything about bikes - and needless to say it was ridiculously small for him. So I bought it but later learned that 700 wheels on a bike frame this small is a poor design and the long top tube a necessity of the wheels. What is interesting is that I contacted Thorn with her dimensions and they said that only their smallest sherpa (which was out of stock) would fit her. I think that it was the 460s. Thus I wonder why such a large sized frame for your daughter, unless of course she is tall. Good luck with the quest. There is something great in the grin she is sporting in those photos!

    1. Pavel, her inside leg measurement is 30" and I reckon plenty tall enough for a 700c wheeled bike. She doesn't know this but I've approached my local bike shop with a view to sourcing something really good but very economical. Their main brand is Specialized and I've asked them to speak to the rep about an ex-display or 2011 model that might be going cheap. As there is a global shortage of decent new bikes, I am not in a strong position!