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Review - Landgarten Pumpkin Seed Snack

Following on from my recent review of Landgarten Organic Snacks I have another review to share with you.  You might remember I was pretty positive about those Soya bean snacks and these are even better!  I also road tested them on my family and we all agreed they were very nice, although this was for a variety of reasons.

What are they?

Okay, what we have here is special.  It's a 55g snack sized pack of pumpkin seeds covered in chocolate.  The pumpkin seeds are roasted (more about that in a minute) and the chocolate is very generous.  They're sold as a snack in, we reckon, about the right quantity.  At least we all agreed you wouldn't want any more in one go than these.

The pumpkin seeds are organic and grown in Austria and are free from genetic modification.  They are roasted and then covered in a dark chocolate.  As you can see on the above image, there are no trans fats, it is gluten free as well as GMO free.  These are good, sound credentials.

Our road, taste testing

Imagine the scene: I poured them out into a dish, we're sitting around our dining room table.  Cautiously Rachel and Becky tried one and then another and another.  It was as if an argument had sprung from nowhere and happily I can say it was reasonably light hearted - they were arguing overeating these seeds and each wanting to gobble the lot.  Rachel, reading the packet to Becky said "it says here that these are not suitable for anyone wo has not done their school homework".  Somehow I managed to have some before they were gone.  We liked them and here's why:

We compared the taste with ordinary raw pumpkin seeds, bought "as is" from our local health food shop.  There was a different taste - these from Landgarten seem more mild and a better taste.  We put this down to the roasting.  They have quite a rich taste also sweet (but not too sweet).

These are nice as a luxury snack.  The chocolate is proper chocolate and was lovely - we all agreed on this.

Health benefits

These contain Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and Phosphorus amongst other nutrients.  The overall health benefits are quite wide with an anti inflammatory action, antioxidant, a detoxing function and also pleased to see it stimulates the immune system.  We believe that to realise all of these benefits, it would be wrong to rely just on these for these nutrients but there is no doubt in our minds about how good these are.  

They're quite high in Calories (so again, don't scoff too many in one go!) and there's some useful fibre.

The packaging

I don't normally comment much on packaging but it's worth a mention.  It is attractive and fairly stylish , easy to tear open and strong.  We did notice a "typo" on the front with "darl" chocolate, presumably instead of "dark".  We found the printing on the back quite small and hard to read.

While this is less than perfect, you could argue there is something quaint about it.  We live in a globalised society where the large supermarkets have every little detail sewn up in their corporate perfection.  Here's a small enterprise bringing good wholesome foods your way and because of that, we don't want to be too hard on them.  Having said that, the typo needs fixing and maybe they need to have a word with the people who print the packaging to make it a little clearer.  

Our conclusions

We did like these!  They are delicious and I must stress I am "not just saying it" but we really do mean it.  As they're not cheap, we felt we would probably buy them as a treat as they certainly do taste luxuriously rich.  They're sweet but (importantly) not too sweet; just about right.  

I'd like to again stress I do not have any connection or relationship with Immergruen.  They simply contacted me and asked if I'd like to review these.  It was, arguably, a risky step as I'm going to be honest and frank in my reviews.  I certainly wish them well.

Please click here for my previous review on Langarten and look out for the links to companies stocking and selling Landgarten products.

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  1. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED them! Wish they were available in Canada!