Tuesday, 6 March 2012

What makes a good run?

There are many ingredients to a brilliant run; here are some of mine that occurred to me yesterday while on the treadmill:
  1. 10k (that's 6.2 miles) in 47 minutes or less
  2. Sweat makes my eyes sting
  3. A really high heart rate (180bpm) declining to less than 130bpm under one minute
  4. A good stretch afterwards....
  5. ....followed by a red hot shower
  6. During the run I just refuse to slow down at all
  7. Saving some energy for the last 0.2 mile when I run absolutely as fast as I can without falling over
  8. Believing my running form is reasonably smooth and fluid
  9. Seeing I have burnt off 700 calories and....
  10. A good dose of the Runner's High with all the incredible feelings of confidence; mental balance and inner peace; euphoria
How about you, what makes a great run for you?  Please leave as a comment, below...

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  1. 10k in <40mins for me. I know what you mean about sweat stinging your eyes - it's the hallmark of the best runs ever!

  2. Wow Anon, 10k in under 40 mins is impressive. My personal best is 45 minutes. Yep some runs turn out to be very memorable don't they!

    All the best,