Monday, 5 March 2012

Anne Atkins - courage in beating alcohol

I was very sorry to read Anne Atkins has a drink problem but it's good she's come clean about it, not an easy thing for anyone to do.  She is a well respected broadcaster and commentator here in the UK in bringing the Christian perspective on topical issues.  Although she has her critics, I have always found myself nodding and agreeing with her well founded common sense approach.

So, Anne Atkins and her alcohol problem have hit the newspapers this last weekend.  As she points out, it's the kind of thing which can creep on up people, perhaps even the most unlikely of people.  I find myself thinking "but for the grace of God....".

I trust that she will have every strength and ounce of courage to overcome this difficulty and believe some good will come out of it.  It is poignant for me, having recently blogged and rambled about why I'm tee total.


  1. Anne Atkins article about alcohol really struck a chord with me. I am a 61 year old housewife and like white wine. I too do exactly what she does. Have a little drink whilst cooking, have a couple whilst eating and then stupidly have another 'little'one when I know it is one too many, which will stop me sleeping and drain my energy the next day. I wonder why I do it, and then I do it again. Perhaps not every day, but too many days in the week. Thankyou Anne for putting it down on paper. When I read it, I thought that is me!!!! Only trouble is, when in company, friends say "oh - why arn't you drinking?" They always seem to have to comment on the fact that I am not drinking, when they know I like a drink. They think there must be something wrong - when in fact the wrong thing is that I drink too much. I am trying, but last night someone kindly (?) poured me a drink without asking me, and of course I drank it!! But - I did not have the next one. So hopefully things are looking up thanks to Anne.

  2. Thank you so much for leaving this comment Anon. If Anne Atkins were to ever read your comment, I am sure she would be sending you her good wishes and, of course, her prayers.