Sunday, 25 March 2012

The consequence of a long run

Misty mornings can be so beautiful

Last week I Rambled about the joy of the long run and now this is about the consequences of running too far.  Now that sounds a bit negative, let me give you some of the highlights and other snippets.

If you're a regular reader you'll know I am a little behind with my MK marathon training - just the business of life being the reason.  I realised I needed to be back on track, so too did Mrs Rambling who, as my coach, made sure I was out running as per schedule.  That included yesterday morning which was perfect weather that could not be better.  It was an incredible run; running beyond my normal "turning back" and continuing along lanes that I only knew from cycling or driving.  There were shafts of sunlight through some wooded areas and cool damp air in some little dips where the road dropped down into a hollow for a few hundred yards.  Surprisingly there were lots of cyclists out that early - nearly all said "hi" in a cheery way and all were riding newish decent bikes.  A bunch of 10-15 men whooshed past at a fast speed such that I could feel the rush of air as they did so.  I knew I was pushing myself and I was revelling in it so much having been looking forward to it.  Here's a few "milestones"

I ran for 3 hours 10 minutes - about 20 miles.  I felt the usual sensations:
  • The first mile was the hardest (mentally and physically)
  • The last mile was almost as hard
  • 25 - 30 minute mark normally tough (a mini "wall" and I never know why)
  • 45 minutes onwards f- eeling loosened up and running well.
  • 90 minutes - stop for an energy gel and turnaround
  • 120 minutes - painful left shin for a minute or so, happened a few times afterwards
  • 130 minutes - realised I was going to reach home too soon and so I took a longer route home - an excuse to run up to my favourite hill and run the edge of an escarpment for a truly uplifting view
  • 180 minutes - feeling pleased I was nearly home, left leg (below my knee), ankles and feet starting to ache and feeling thirsty
  • 190 minute - back home after about 20 miles.  Drank a glass of water and a smoothie while I made a mug of tea and had a red hot shower.
Thoughts now, 36 hours on:
  • Pleased I did the run, renewed my confidence for the marathon
  • Flippin' heck - does this mean I'm actually injured (painful trying to play football with B&H this afternoon)?  Shin splints is the most likely.
  • Maybe a gentle jog tomorrow for a couple of minutes to see how it feels? 
  • Perhaps a bike ride instead?
  • But - I have to work late tomorrows evening so that limits me - probably not a bad thing
  • Reflecting on the indescribable beauty of the early morning mist melting into soft sunshine
I have been very fortunate in these last few years of running - while I haven't exactly broken any records, it has been injury-free.  I am hoping this will only be a minor injury.  My fear is that I lose fitness quicker than I do in reality, so having a few days off won't affect my fitness but it will save me from risking running again too soon.


  1. A great run,Doug. You are doing well. The pain is to be expected at this stage.Your body will soon adapt to the distance but try not to overdo it.
    I can see that your confidence has grown over the months and thats good. You are a successful runner and cyclist.Well done.

    1. Thanks again H. I went for a brief run this evening, still a bit more recovery to do.