Sunday, 15 May 2011

Today's ride

Not the best photograph I've ever taken, nor the most flattering but it's about as good as it comes today I'm afraid.  Have you ever tried to photograph yourself while riding along?  Not easy, is it?

Anyway, this afternoon's ride was pretty good.

I did 52 miles over a reasonably flat terrain today as I wanted to clock up some miles.  Having treated myself to a new Ordnance Survey map I've been exploring some new areas.  All frightfully English and this was helped today by seeing quite a few vintage cars (don't ask what kinds as I don't know but I'd guess and say 1960s or earlier) having an outing, perhaps there was some kind of a rally on.  Picture postcard villages, cricket on the green, village ponds and "gated communities" all provided the backdrop.

There were a few other cyclists around and again I made it my business to greet them in some way (nod, smile, "hi there" etc).  Pretty much everyone responded in a positive way and one or two beat me by greeting me sooner.  This is amazing, especially after the rant I had (click here) and it got me wondering what has changed.  Perhaps the weather improving helps?  Perhaps I'm not quite as scruffy nowadays?  Maybe it's the sight of my kness?!?!?  Which ever it is, I appreciate it.

The kind of anti social cyclist which remains indifferent are those Lycra clad fellows, wearing dark wraparound shades and who do their best to ignore me.  They're normally riding in the opposite direction, on decent looking road bikes

I have been plotting a ride of about 125 miles in my mind.  How will I get on?  Can I make that distance right now?  Extra training?  I was thinking about doing it in a few weeks time; maybe I'm biting off more than I could do?

Just a quick word about the bike, my Thorn Audax Mk3.  I still really like it, handles nicely.  The honeymoon period has now concluded and I'm up to 870 miles (I got the Cateye on a couple of weeks after I had it).  I'll do a proper review when I get to 1000 miles and there's a couple of things which could be improved on.  The LBS who built it for me used a cheap nasty rack and mudguards.  The latter of which got replaced and the ack isn't looking that good either.

I have faired reasonably well, legs a little tired and I'll sleep extra soundly tonight.  Just the thing for setting me up for the week ahead, which tomorrow includes attending some of the SMT awayday.  Might be scary but I'm determined to make the most of it.

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