Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Becoming a vegetarian

Hannah who announced she too wanted to be a vegetarian
Over the last couple of years I have gradually been eating less and less meat.  Our eldest daughter, Becky has already more-or-less decided to make the change to become a vegetarian just from following my example.  Hannah (above) too announced last week she'd like to follow but changed her mind 30 minutes later when she realised she'd need to eat all her vegetables up!

Rachel has been very accommodating as she prepares different meals for us as a family these days. Although not a vegetarian, she doesn't eat much meat and has cooked some wonderful vegetarian dishes which we've all enjoyed together.

So, why become a vegetarian?  There must be many reasons, on both sides.  These are the ones important to me:
  1. Health.  I do not need all of that protein from meat and the wrong kind of fat.
  2. There are a relatively small number of commonly available meats compared to the wide range of fruit, vegetables, beans and nuts.
  3. Meat is expensive
  4. Animal welfare - ethical reasons
  5. The land needed to raise cattle could be used for other more productive purposes - ethical reasons
  6. I dread to think what goes into sausages, burgers etc
  7. Do I really need it?
  8. I've heard meat contains traces of medications given to animals while alive
  9. Easier to stay fairly slim
  10. Vegetarians are said to live longer

The above list isn't in any particular order, it's just how it came out.  I'm  feeling very healthy and well nourished (but my hand still hurts!).

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