Thursday, 19 May 2011

Wow - I feel great!

Here's a quick update as I'm feeling pretty good!  This is more clear evidence of the real value in running and cycling - both physical and mental benefits rolled together.

Yesterday the blog might have looked like I was on a bit of a "downer".  Today things are so much brighter, still fuelled by the endorphins from yesterday's runs.

Drove to HQ and had my annual appraisal interview, which went well.  Felt really encouraged.  Following meeting cancelled owing to Cambridge colleagues being double booked.  Although a little disappointed I found a desk and dealt with emails, and did some preparation for a meeting I'm chairing tomorrow.

Norfolk colleagues arrive for a meeting with my manager and myself at 1.00pm.  Warm hand shakes and banter.  They go out to get Kebabs, which I politely declined on account of now being completely vegetarian.  They returned, we sat in the CEO's office eating as she was out all day.  Meeting OK but got complex and I struggled at one point to keep up with the financial planning language.  At precisely 3.06pm my watch beeps everyday (Becky accidentally set the alarm and I don't know how to turn it off).  They thought I had another appointment and accepted my apologies as I left.

Drove back to my office, completed preparation for tomorrow's meeting and drove home.  I got issued with a new mobile while at HQ, quite unexpectedly but it doesn't work with the Bluetooth device in my car.Grrrrr.

Back home, family time and then Rachel reminded me to go for a run.  That I did but just for 20 minutes and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Survived a stand-off with a bull.  Got back, felt great.  Decided to time myself in the "round the block" dash.  When I started to run in 2008 it took 4mins:20secs and I'd be exhausted and panting like crazy.  Today it took me 3mins 03 seconds.

Looking forward to cycling to work tomorrow.  It'll be the first time this week as I've needed to drive here and there during the week so far.

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