Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Running to save my career

Sorry if the title is a little melodramatic but this is exactly how I might feel without the "release" that comes from going for a good run.

Every now and then I go through a rough patch at work.  Right now, on a scale of 0-10 I would put myself at 5 today although in other times before I'd say 8 or 9, meaning I was close to quitting.

You might be wondering what's going on.  You'll be pleased to know it's not too bad and nothing I can't handle and I want this to be a positive post, rather than a poor-old-me sob story.  Just a few pressures, a few hurtful remarks by some colleagues (who should know better) and a couple of uncertainties; but like I said, nothing I can't handle.

My faith helps and so too does running as a way of getting things straight in my mind but also the buzz and "runner's high" helps me deal with the issues.  Also it helps by making sure I'm sufficiently tired enough to sleep right through the night as opposed to waking up at 4.00am tossing and turning.

I've said to Rachel, make sure I either cycle or go for a run everyday, until further notice.  She's very happy to oblige and will willingly turf me out.

Yesterday I woke a little earlier than normal and yes, work was on my mind as I had half expected.  So I went for a run for just 30 minutes (half the normal time).  As it was a shorter route, I found myself running over the track where I'd fallen over in January.  Then in the evening I ran for an hour.  Today I went for a run this evening for a little longer and what a difference it makes.

Normally I have a day in between running rather than running on consecutive days.  Not having done that probably accounted for an achy knee as I was half way around but now, an hour later and after a hot shower, I feel fine.

So what about you?  
If you're stressed or anxious, I would suggest taking up running or cycling as a way of dealing with that but please make sure you clock this disclaimer: it is your responsibility to make sure you're medically fit to run or cycle.  For me running and cycling makes all the difference between going off on sick leave (and a year later possible dismissal) and hanging onto my job and career.  As I have said before, running and cycling are both fantastic sports but running is the most effective in ordering my thoughts and dealing with the stress and anxiety.

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  1. Nice article, I know what it feels like. Glad running helps you out so well.