Thursday, 5 May 2011

Does this mean I'm a "proper" runner?

Although I've been running since sometime in 2008 I still think of myself as a novice.  To my surprise and delight, a colleague has approached me a couple of times about running.

To avoid any embarrassment, I'll call her Caroline.  By her own admission she could do with losing some weight and has high blood pressure (for which she takes medication) and high cholesterol.

The first conversion was raising the subject with me and hearing what I get out of it together with what it was like starting off.  I told her to start off with a few brisk walks and maybe a gentle jog for a few yards.  Also to buy a proper pair of running shoes, with socks.  I told her about my account of going to Aro Sports in Harpenden for a correct pair.

The second conversation was her affirming my advice was good.  Also she'd heard Paula Radcliffe talking on the radio in which she had echoed my suggestion of getting a decant pair of shoes.  Hearing Caroline ask about these things, picking my brains made me feel quite chuffed - me - being asked about running!  Who'd have thought!

I've learnt Caroline my copy of Teach Yourself Running - a book I highly recommend, particularly for anyone starting out.

Click hear for more details.

So, here's wishing you well Caroline with your running!

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