Sunday, 13 February 2011

I'm really needing to run and ride!

Here's a quick update, or perhaps more of justifying a lack of action over the last week or two.

My hand
Yes my hand, that mishap I had a couple of weeks ago is still causing much pain in my left hand and I've just not felt able to go cycling, let alone grasp the handlebar.  Although the hospital A&E Doctor said I hadn't got any broken bones, it still hurts badly when I try to do things.  Drying my hands with a towel is really painful - this is an example of an everyday activity that just tells me I'm still healing.

Another clue is the need for Ibuprofen, which seems to work really well by deadening the pain and dealing with swelling.  It's now two weeks and I was hoping I'd be better by now.  I know progress is being made in that the bruising has subsided and I have a little more movement in my fingers and wrist.  I'll just have to be a more patient patient!

My work seems to have got pretty busy of late and I'm quite enjoying it, though not much time is now spent at my desk to deal with the never ending list of things-to-do.  I had planned to visit Avon & Somerset Probation Trust last Friday but owing to a ministerial visit my plans were thwarted so Plan B was hastily arranged and saw me heading off to West Mercia Probation Trust instead.  Monday and Tuesday, I'm in London again and it now looks hopeful that I'll have most of Wednesday at my desk.  Having put in a lot of hours this last week, I've been mentally so drained it has made me physically very tired.

Oh, does all that sound like a moan?  It isn't meant to be, far from it.  In these days of massive public sector cut backs, nobody is safe and I'm ever grateful I have a job and even more so, a job that I really like.

So, I'm still trying to be philosophical about this; it happens for a reason.  Perhaps that reason is about me needing to have rest (albeit an enforced rest) both physically and mentally.  It doesn't take me away from those thoughts of feeling frustrated and in fear of losing all my fitness.


  1. Dont be too hard on yourself and allow your injury to heal.
    London is,in my humble opinion,a ruthless place to work in and its easy to crash and easy.
    Anyway, I'm sure you will be back on the bike and running soon.

  2. I appreciate your comment and you're right, I shouldn't be too hard on myself.
    My work doesn't take me to London too much, I shouldn't complain!