Monday, 14 February 2011

Daydreaming in SW1

From Great Peter Street, London SW1
In London again today but not too pressured (thankfully) and met with some regional colleagues about a project - we are in the early stages of plotting where it could all go.

As there were just a handful of us we were sitting around one end of a Boardroom table, we were at the far end of the room, away from the window.  That was just as well really as I would have spent the entire meeting daydreaming, just watching the clouds drift by as I thought about those miles I have yet to do, places I'll go and miles I'll run.

It was nice meeting Stuart again and I remarked how it was a bit of a coincidence - we'd been at the same event last Friday and that was the first we'd seen of each other for a couple of years and now we were bumping into each other 3 times in a week - would you believe I'm at a seminar elsewhere in SW1 tomorrow and guess what, yes, he's there as well!

Walking to and from the Tube station I just seemed to be aware of every cyclist around, kept thinking "you lucky so n so, you look like you're really enjoying riding today".  I'm so looking forward to riding again soon.

I'm grateful to Anonymous for you urging my patience, thank you. If I were a Doctor I would be the worst kind of patient. Yes, I am often hard on myself.

Today is, of course, St Valentines Day and Hannah was lovely this morning in surprising her Mum and Dad with making a fuss of us at breakfast time.  I had my usual muesli but with chocolate hearts as an extra. She'd made sure the party green table cloth was on, together with paper napkins and chocolate spread (normally reserved for Sunday).  Oooooh that was a lovely treat for us all!

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