Saturday, 19 February 2011

Reasons to Cycle

You might remember I enjoyed writing a blog post on why I like running.  So on this dreary Saturday in, mid February, I thought I'd reflect on why cycling is so goooood.....

Because it's healthy
Low impact exercise - kinder on joints compared to running
Good aerobic exercise - a more gentle way of getting my heart and lungs going well
Nicely tones leg muscles
Burns around 300-500 Calories per hour
People who regularly ride a bike are more likely to live longer
A brilliant way of de-stressing

Because it's green
Virtually no greenhouse emissions
Extremely energy efficient
Petrol costs £1.28 a litre (is that about £5.84 a gallon?)
Bikes don't cause traffic jams

Because it's an efficient form of transport
Urban journeys are faster by bike
You don't have to ride around looking for somewhere to park
You can ride right up to the building
Getting two pannier bags of groceries keeps us going for several days
It takes me 40 minutes to drive 13 miles to my office, cycling takes 45-50 minutes

And just because....
It's satisfying
It's fun
It's cool
It's cheap
Bikes are nice machines and last a long time
It gives me a nice feeling of independence
Feeling the breeze in my hair
Every ride is an adventure
It makes me appreciate my car for when I really do need it
It feels fantastic whizzing down hill at 40mph

This is the link to the parallel blog post "Reasons to run".  Take a look....

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