Monday, 25 October 2010

Ridgeway Run 2010

Last year, I enjoyed the Ridgeway Run so much I decided to do it again this year; it's the only time I've run a race more than once.  Last year my time was 1 hr 18mins, or thereabouts.  Position 118 out of 474 runners.  This year I managed to beat that and came in at 1hr 17 mins which I was really pleased with.

The race itself was good humoured, well organised and had a fairly small, local feel which I really liked.

The route went from the edge of Tring along a lane, over a road to the edge of the Ashridge Estate.  A mostly gentle climb took us past the golf club and eventually out to the Bridgewater monument which was probably the highest point.  I remember smiling as I approached the monument as there was a bunch of young kids banging away on all kind of pots and pans - that was a lovely encouragement!

I was determined not to make the same mistake as I did last year.  Towards the end of the race I figured I was getting fairly close to the finish line and then made a real dash for it - only to find the start line was NOT the finish line.  The finish line (obvious when I thought about it) was back at the Cricket Club, maybe half a mile further on!  It served me right, all those people I overtook as I made my dashed, then cruised pass me as I panted away.  So, no, I didn't make the same mistake, especially as someone had thoughtfully put up a "One Mile to Go" sign.

After the race, no time to linger beyond getting my goody bag as Rachel and I were hosting a Sunday lunch at Church - so a quick drive home, shower and jog into Church - just in the nick of time.  I really was on yet another Runners High and so I decided to wear the tee-shirt - a naff green with printed on it, denoting the 10.10am start on the 10th of the 10th month, 2010.  Nobody noticed or commented on it, shame I though but served me right!

I really liked the race overall, nice distance, beautiful scenery and fair weather.  Perhaps one thing that sticks in my mind: as much as I feel pleased with myself, lets keep it in perspective.  Don't gloat.  Besides, there was a man, clearly older than myself who ran the last few miles either just in front or behind.  He got across the finish line before me - and according to the results, he's in his 60s.  Wow, that is impressive!

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