Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Pete's Eats

Pete's Eats, 40 High Street
Llanberis, Gwynedd, N.Wales
Without wanting to tempt fate, I often find myself wondering what I'd do if I ever lost my job.  Without knowing the real impact of the nice Mr Osbourn's Comprehensive Spending Review (aka Those Savage Cuts leading to the R word) it's hard to know if ever this would become a reality.  If ever it did become a reality, something like Pete's Eats could be just the thing.....

Our friend Dave was really keen on Pete's Eats.  Even when we were having our "Snowdonia" planning meeting at their house, he said that it would be a great place to go - and he was right!  Apparently a place, he explained, where there were good sized portions and ideal for carb loading in preparing for a day slogging up and down Snowdon.  In my mind's eye I built this mental picture of Pete's Eats having lots of rugged looking hikers and climbers as customers, consuming pasta and lentil everything in a YHA setting.

I wasn't too far off, allowing for a little stereotyping.  Finding it was a piece of (organic carrot) cake  "just turn left and it'll be obvious Doug, you can't miss it, not even you".  Sure enough it was easy to find, along with somewhere to park, just along the street.  Isn't it fantastic to just park somewhere for free nowadays!

We settled ourselves - all eight of us - in what might be the back room.  Elsewhere there were a good handful of others at various stages of their meals.  One by one we went and ordered our meals.  Naturally the kids all went for Chips and Something Ugh while us grown-ups went for grown-up meals.  Though not cheap, the prices were fair and reasonable.  Rachel had a Lasagne with a side salad.  It was huge!  Naturally as the loving hubby I about to offer to help but before I could utter a word olives were coming my way followed by tomatoes.

I ordered mine - Lentil & Bean Curry with Rice from the specials board.  "Is it hot?" I asked.
The Assistant said it would be nice and warm and then realised what I was asking.
"Nah, it's not too hot or spicy, quite mild really, OK?"
This, it turned out could have been a tad misleading, reminiscent of those student days when we'd all out-do each other with the hot curries we would eat without flinching.  It was fine, healthy and filling.  So filling I just couldn't manage that last bit of rice and it's not often I ever do that!

Becky & Hannah

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