Thursday, 28 October 2010

Today, back to work

Just a quickie... went back to work after a week off.  Always get jumpy and nervous beforehand - what's happened, gone wrong?  I always try to delay logging on to the screen of unread emails and today, somewhat fortunately, I had a 10am meeting in Headquarters with my Manager.  Perfect excuse.

I arrived a few minutes early and just as I was walking in my phone bleep saying I had a message.  Tempting as it was to answer, I let it go to voicemail.  Adrian was a little tied up, seeing the HR Manager about the latest round of staff cuts, so the question was whether I would mind waiting a little.

"Fine, no problem" I said "Gives me a chance to deal with some emails"
Why did I say that, the last thing I wanted to do.

Meeting was pleasant, drove back to my office.  Went into town to get my Mother-in-Law's watch from the watchmaker, as it was being repaired.  "Closed on Thursday" said the sign.  How quaint.  How annoying.

After a little more procrastination and a few more excuses, I logged on for a proper look at the 284 emails.  Quite a few could be deleted straight away; daily arrests who's who, car park, central heating pump.  A few could be read and replied instantly, plenty of others will have to wait.

So not too bad.  Phew.  Training event tomorrow.

Came home.  After dinner we all watched a recording of World's Strictest Parents.  Becky likes having strict parents, Hannah understands why she only has Chocolate spread on a Sunday.

All's well.

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