Saturday, 1 September 2012

Thinking about my blog....

I enjoy blogging and by that I mean reading other people's blogs and writing my own.

With other people's blogs, they're like reading a daily magazine for free.  I particularly like the more personal ones, where I feel as if I almost get to know the blogger.  I also follow a blog of someone that I know a little.  All these blogs bring me the things I'm interested in reading about and from time to time it's nice to spread a little further for political comment or comedy (and occasionally these might be in the same blog).

And then this, my own blog.  I have been writing it since late 2010 and it has developed from a general ramble about family life or anything that caught my eye, through to now concentrating on running, cycling and with a bit of family life thrown in.  I get about 5000 page views a month, which perhaps is quite modest .  Most of my readers are in the UK followed by the United States, Russia and others.  I make about £2 or £3 a month from Adsense which is pathetic.

On some of my recent rides and runs I've tossed around a few ideas about my blog and I thought I'd run these past you to see what you think:
  1. Carry on, as is
  2. Quit altogether - save time, electricity etc
  3. Quit Google blogspot, choose a new bespoke domain, get it hosted and add Affiliate links etc
  4. As number 3 but have separate blogs for running, cycling and healthy living i.e. much more detailed information, research and comment
Talking this over with Rachel, she promptly came up with this excellent guide which has made me think I need to get a grip and do something proactive.  Ramblings of Doug has taught me loads of things I never knew and in hindsight I would set it up different now.

So, please leave me a comment, Anonymous if you prefer, with some feedback

Update, a little later on....

Wow this blog post alone seems to have attracted so much attention recently, in recent weeks it's had over 3,500 hits.  I can't imagine why!

Now in early 2013 I am getting over 10,000 hits a month, so quite a few more than September 2012.

I have created a new blog The Cycle Hub which also includes Affilate links through to Wiggle and Amazon.  PLEASE help me by using this for any running, cycle etc purchases you plan to make.

I really enjoy blogging and I appreciate all comments but not meaningless spam.

So thanks - thank you for following my blog.  Please remember I am just an ordinary person, simply blogging about a few of the things which interest me and a space to express some occasional views. On things.  I'm always open to suggestions, advice, a little challenge and other dialogues.


  1. Doug, I have followed your blog for some time now and enjoy it but I don't read every post because I'm not always interested in everything in the wide range of subjects. I have heard that blogspot is a good place to start blogging and some people then move onto more sophisticated platforms but I suspect very few people make any serious money from blogging.

    1. Thanks Anon, I appreciate your view point.

  2. Spammers please note - spam comments are removed so please do not waste your time here.