Monday, 17 September 2012

An update and a new Blog!

For nearly two years I have been really enjoying the world of blogging.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading other people's blogs as well as learning about blogging myself.

During this time I have been self-taught and have learned by my mistakes about what works and what doesn't.  I am still learning.

As part of a natural development it makes sense to separate cycling and start a new blog for that.  Just got it going, this last weekend.  I have copied across all the cycling posts from this blog.

I will continue blogging about running, food, healthy living here and may also develop a couple of other areas.    In fact we have a few hilarious stories (of family life) we ought to blog about.

So for now, if you read my blog with cycling in mind, please visit, bookmark, follow and support my new blog.  The address?

Update, what's going on?

We had a great summer holiday even though we didn't actually go away.  That's almost true, we visited my parents for a long weekend and I took Becky and Hannah camping near Buckingham (could be a blog post on its own).  B&H felt quite deprived when they realised we weren't jetting off somewhere and all their school friends were.  And then as we got into the swing of doing some interesting things, they ended up really enjoying themselves.  We did some great things earlier in the year, such as in June when we did the C2C bike ride and in October we have the opportunity to spend a week in Spain through the generosity of some friends who are lending us their apartment.

Once again, just making sure you've clocked it, our new cycling blog is

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