Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Review - Knog Frog 1 LED front light

This is not your average frog.  This one is battery powered, straps easily to your handlebars and get's on with beaming its little ray of light out into the world.   Sounds cute, doesn't it?  It is available in a few different colours, as you'd come to expect from Knog.  Knog, by the way, are an Australian company with a quirky approach to design.  They also do a growing range of cycle computers, tools as well as other lights.   They're about adopting a fun, youthful approach to cycling which is arguably a refreshing change from the all-too-serious technical approach.  For this alone, I like them and they certainly deserve a slice of the market.

Techie stuff

It's a really small LED light with just one button.  This does the on/off bit and toggles between the steady light and the flashing strobe light.  
Takes two CR2032 coin type batteries.  These are said to last 80 hours on stead and 160 on the flashing mode.
Made with a silicon rubbery kind of material which is soft and stretchy, allowing it to be fixed onto handlebars, head tube or even onto your helmet.
It weighs just 12 grammes.  In old money that's about half an ounce - i.e. hardly anything at all.

The price

£6.99.  How many other bike lights are around for this money?

But is it any good?

It isn't bad, providing you don't expect too much (is that a politically sensitive comment?).  It is pretty useless for using it to see where you're going.  Clearly it is just one LED without a lens to magnify the light.  It is most conspicuous as a light to be seen and when it's used on the flashing strobe mode it is very eye catching making it ideal for urban use.

I like it as an "always there" get-you-home light that can just sit there on the handlebars and know that it's going to mind it's own business.  It is unlikely to attract too many light fingered scallywags who could easily unclip it in two seconds.  

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