Monday, 27 August 2012

Running update with gravel for breakfast

Just realised I've not blogged or rambled much about running lately, so here's a little update but first of all, here's my super healthy breakfast to impress you with:

I must admit I've taken running a little easier than normal since the Milton Keynes 2012 marathon having kept myself ticking over with a 7.5 mile run at the weekend and one or two shorter runs on weekdays if I get the chance.  Now that the summer is starting to fade I've got my eye on a couple of races in the autumn and will need to start stepping up the mileage for these.  So two days ago I did my 7.5 mile run, then 4 miles yesterday and both involved huffing and puffing up a couple of steep hills (this is a brilliant thing to do) but today I turned back early.  This is something I seldom ever do.

Why? After a mile or two I could feel my knees complaining a little and the last thing I wanted to do is cause an injury.  I know from past experience I normally need a days' rest between runs to recover.  This is me rationalising it.  Building mileages up slowly is the key here and it applies to new as well as more experienced runners.  But don't worry, I've been clocking up a good few miles on the bike including some commutes to the office - 42 miles round trip.

Okay, it's breakfast time.  Just in case you're wondering what's in store for me.... "a bowl of gravel" as Rachel puts it so lovingly.  It really is mega healthy although fellow blogger Natasha and her The Nourishing Road is often urging us to eat more fat.  My gravel, today, contains muesli, wheat germ, ground flaxseed, a few sunflower and pumpkin seeds, a nectarine and some natural yogurt.  No milk, just mixed with tap water to soften the gravel a little.  My smoothie today is pineapple, apple, banana and coconut millk.

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