Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sufferfest cycling activism group

At work I get a email bulletin from G4S from time to time. If I were Mr G4S I would be keeping a low profile these days in view of the Olympic security debarcle.   It's a circular email advising recipients of potential protests or flashpoints which could cause public disorder.  I was, however amused at the
following extract:

Sufferfest online cycling activism group intends to hold a counter-Olympic event at New Street, City of London from 1700 - 2200hrs. The event is supposedly to oppose the refusal of the Olympic committee for failing to recognise the movement. Any action is expected to be small, and is likely to assume the form of a bicycle event. Possibility of minor disruption.

It will take place on 2nd August (i.e. tomorrow).

Keep it peaceful and well ordered, people, please.  You have a right to protest regardless of whether we agree with each other.  If it turns into a "bicycle event" all well and good.

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