Wednesday, 15 August 2012

"Hills hurt, couches kill"

"Hills hurt, couches kill" is a quote that caught my eye from the amazing 39 stone cyclist, Gary Brennan.  If you're overweight, obese or even morbidly obese please do not give up.  Follow the link below which will take you to his blog and read his story.  Better still, follow his progress, be inspired and maybe even support him in his quest to help other people.

In his 30s he weighed in at over 39 stone which is roughly three times what he ought to have weighed.  Just imagine, weighing three times the weight you are now: unbelievable!  As you can imagine he was having some health issues and, according to his website, discussed with his Doctor the possibility of a gastric band operation.  In the end the surgeon said his situation was far too dire for such an operation like that.  Cutting a longer story short he didn't have the operation but instead bought a bike and started cycling.

You might say the rest is history, which it is but actually I think it's more that just that.  It is a story of a man whose now on a mission.  He's outspoken, loud, to-the-point and effective with it.  He's totally dedicated to losing weight, keeping it off and yet there's a side to him which is far from his normal brash in-your-face style In his blog he refers to people's demons, the fear of over eating and ending up where he started from.

In his blog and he's got a style all of his own, you can read about his progress, take in all his comments about his bikes, components as well as the ins and outs of cycling in busy urban environments.  Take a look, especially if you're on the edge of wanting to do something positive like lose weight and ride a bike.

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