Saturday, 1 October 2011

More cool images from London Skyride 2011

Just clicking through my camera and I came across this year's London Skyride and a couple of other images.  Once again please allow me to applaud the concept of turning the streets over to bicycles, albeit for just one day in the year.
We really were impressed by this recumbent tandem - if anyone can give me a ride on one please leave me a comment!

Becky as we rode over Westminster Bridge

Novelty cycles add a real sparkle to the Skyride.  Sadly it seemed there were less of these for this year.

High speed Hannah closely followed by Rachel on her Boris Bike and about to shoot past us all

In the rain and out in front - nothing (not even speed cameras) stopping Rachel on a Boris Bike

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  1. I enjoyed the Sky Ride near me a couple of months ago. I find it hard to fault the concept. Fun, and great to see such a mix of ages and abilities.