Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lyz Best - article in Runner's World magazine

I have blogged before about why I run  and this about someone else who runs.  Lyz Best appears in this month's Runner's World magazine and I think it is worthy of a special mention here as it is a deeply moving article (one of a few moving related articles this month).

Lyz is described in the article as a Flight 93 widow - i.e. from the 9/11 hijackings in America.  It was her husband, Jeremy, who was one of the brave people that tried in vane to regain control of Flight 93 before it tragically crashed into the Pennsylvania countryside.

The article talks about how Lyz used to go running with her husband for all of the usual reasons that people do go running.  What is moving is how she talks about her running since and in particular her preparations for the New York City Marathon on 6th November.  She'll be running with others who lost loved ones on 9/11 and are wanting to raise awareness for their efforts in establishing a lasting memorial at the Flight 93 crash site.  Strengthened and inspired by her late husband, this will be a very significant marathon.  No doubt charged with emotion and profoundly driven to do her very best.

If you can, please do get hold of the full article yourself; it's a good read and includes other runners who also have a 9/11 story to tell.  Each is poignant in its own way; each moving and connected by that tragic life-changing day.

We all have our different reasons to run, cycle and keep in good shape.  While I have my own story, what could be more profound than what's found in this month's Runner's World?

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