Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Luton Marathon 2011 is now FULL

This evening I planned to enter the Luton Marathon on-line but alas it's full.  Grrrrrrr.  Quickly had a look around for alternatives and saw the Gloucester Marathon on 22 January 2012 which looks very tempting - especially as I used to live there and know of the route.  It is several decades since I've been around the lanes taking in Elmore, Longley etc but it would be lovely to see them again - especially through running a marathon there.

I do feel a tad apprehensive.  Trying to get the training in during this time of year is bad enough let alone the winter with even shorter days but I am determined to do it.  So much so I am tempted to rejoin the gym to have access to a tread mill etc. but that is not what I had planned.  So I'm going to chew this over for a bit.

In the meantime I could have a go at the Ridegeway Run again this coming Sunday (having done this twice, it's a nice local race, quite a small field of fellow runners) and I just love the scenery.  I'm also tempted by the Stevenage Half Marathon on 6th November.

As I need a new pair of running shoes very soon and will try out Runners World in St Albans (maybe even tomorrow!) I might ask them for other suggestions; they're bound to know.  Perhaps not doing the Luton Marathon is a blessing in disguise as I am cutting it tight for getting the miles in.  I think I could do it but maybe not as thoroughly as it could be.  I reckon I could complete 18 miles right now so 26 miles ought to be achievable before too long (maybe adding 2 miles per week on the weekend long run)


  1. I think you could run a marathon this week if you had to because you have put in loads of training this year and if you can do 18 then you can do 26...the last 6 miles might hurt a bit but you can handle that.
    Tell you what though, when you go back to work after your marathon be carefull because you feel so damn powerfull you might just tell them where to stick their job....I did!

  2. Dear H,

    Thanks. You did WHAT with your job?

    Regards, Doug.