Thursday, 13 October 2011

How to look after your feet

Everyone needs good feet, especially runners and cyclists.  This has been brought home to me through my parents both needing to see a chiropodist as they're both pensioners and, for that age group, I understand it's a common thing to do.

Our feet do an amazing job but just spare them a thought for them with all the pounding and stresses they go through in  propelling you through a lengthy race.  I reckon I take over 10,000 strides every hour when I am running!  Having taken the trouble, yet again, to make sure I have the right running shoes, here's a few tips for looking after feet:

  1. Deal with any problems as they arise.  Consider your Doctor or maybe a chiropodist or a podiatrist
  2. Always have good fitting shoes.  Don't be tempted to squeeze your feet into some fashionable but ridiculous looking and uncomfortable shoes - sorry but that would be plain daft
  3. Have the size of your feet checked from time to time.  Even as adults we can change shoe size and shape through the years.  I can vouch for this - my feet are half a size bigger now that when I was 15 years younger.
  4. Aim to buy shoes in the afternoon - apparently feet expand during the morning
  5. Do not wear the same shoes on consecutive days; giving leather shoes a rest allows time for any sweat or moisture to dry naturally and this lowers the likelihood of fungal problems or cracked leather 
  6. Pay extra attention to your feet if you are diabetic.  Do you know if you are diabetic or whether there is a possibility?
  7. Do not buy plastic shoes that don't breathe and will lead to sweaty feet
  8. Wash your feet daily, or have a shower; not too hot
  9. Take care drying your feet, especially in between your toes.  Avoid pulling your toes around to shove a thick towel in between your toes.  You might risk breaking the skin which can lead to infections
  10. Clean socks everyday
  11. Remove hard skin
  12. Consider wearing flip flops at public swimming pools to avoid picking up an infection

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