Saturday, 11 June 2011

Running at dawn - what a privilege

This morning I woke at 4.25am.  At 4.30am I was sitting on our front doorstep putting my running shoes on - simply couldn't do anything else.

There was much birdsong in the air, along with a cool freshness from what must have been a recent shower.  I ran quietly through the nearby streets onto a green lane that begged me to run along.  After a mile, I turned back to run along the edge of a field and then back home.  Just a couple of miles.

I saw nobody else.  No dog walkers, cars, newspaper boys or heard any sign of life, just nature stirring for the day ahead.  I was there, just gliding through, quietly, softly on my own.  It was priceless.

Sitting here back home at the dining room table, I've just finished a coffee.  Although it's a little cool and I'm still in my running gear, I have the French door open so I can hear the birds and smell the fresh air, looking out onto our garden - all beautifully wet, lush and green.  I have it for myself - what a privilege. As much as I love all of the different seasons here in England, I do, just for now, wish it could be like this all year 'round.

And if it wasn't for tomorrow's race, I would have carried on for miles but I had to resist the temptation.  I hope I haven't caused myself any problems for tomorrow, surely a short gentle run will be Okay.


  1. Running must enhance the senses because you are getting a large charge of oxygeon-rich blood to the brain, among other things.
    Enjoy the half marathon today!

  2. You're right - running enhances the senses sometimes. It seems to put my mind into a different sphere altogether sometimes - the way you can think about things differently, solve problems and see things very differently. That's both the things around you and life as a whole.

  3. I woke that morning at 4.25am too. At 4.30am I was fast asleep. I simply couldn't do anything else ...