Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Are my running shoes worn out?

Asics Gel 1150 heel after 800+ miles
I was a bit sceptical when I was told my new running shoes were only good for 500-600 miles when I bought them in ARO Sports.  Easy to think that is a sales ploy.  It isn't.

The wear you can easily see is an obvious sign, as in the above photo.  Before the wear becomes obvious there are a few other tell tale signs which are worth considering:

  • Clean the soles, look out for any damage
  • Look carefully for any tiny cracks appearing on the edge of the sole
  • Press the sole in with your thumb, does it squash more easily than when they were new?
  • How are your knees and ankles?  If they ache after a run when you're used to running a particular distance, your shoes could be the reason.

I once remember running and having knee problems which I just couldn't explain, so I went back to ARO Sports thinking I needed some inserts or something.  Not so.  I needed new shoes they said.  A little sceptical I nevertheless bought new shoes and the problem instantly disappeared.

Earlier this week, I went for an early morning run and I could only find an old pair of running shoes with the curtains still across the windows.  The following day I felt really achy with my hips complaining the most.  The reason - those old shoes.  Next day I ran the same distance on my using my newer shoes and the problem disappeared.  So it is true, running shoes like Asics, Saucony and so on are only good for 500-600 miles, maybe more if you're lucky.

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