Sunday, 10 December 2017

Latest canal run

Yesterday was my latest canal run and although it was hard, I loved it.  Here's the run in numbers:

Miles 8.9
Average pace 9.08/mile
Time 1:21
Calories 1246
Temperature +1
Photo stops 1
Poo stops 1
Cyclists 0
Other runners 8

Grand Union canal, near Three Locks
I've done this run many times before and it's always delightful; always delightful seeing the seasons change and experiencing the run in different weather conditions.  I have experienced fog, drizzle, rain, blistering heat and, you name it, it's been there on a Saturday morning while I've plodded my way along the tow path.  I went from my daughter's kayaking club in Linslade, near Leighton Buzzard up to the Three Locks and back.  It's all flat and very easy going.

As there was a thin layer of ice, the kayakers decided to have a gym session instead of going on the water.  Apparently it only takes a little ice to cause a lot of damage to to the kayaks, plus I think falling in would be traumatic for anyone.

There weren't any boats moving on the water, hardly surprising although sometimes I have seen narrow boats pushing their way through a bit of ice.  Instead there were a number moored up and plenty of woodsmoke drifting around - making for a nice atmospheric scene.

I might look all happy in this shot, actually I was putting on a brave face.  I was finding the run really hard going.  I was fatigued, my legs seems heavy at mile 4 and I was not running at my best.  Mostly I was lovely and warm but, despite wearing gloves, my fingers were cold almost all the run.  I even got over taken by a younger couple which I consoled myself about.  They looked 20 years younger than me, so that made it okay.

Although my pace was 9:08 per mile, I have run this route much quicker before.  I am sure the high creatinine which my kidneys are spewing out has something to do with it,  I might be running slower these days but i'm not stopping!

Once I'd got back to the clubhouse the gym session was still in full swing.  They had been doing all kinds of things to have a full work out, going from tip to toe.  That's the thing about about kayakers, they need all their muscles working from their toes, legs, waist, core and so on.  When I got there the coach was asking different members, one by one, what the group should be doing next.

Some of the exercises included weights, stretching and I think a bit of pilates thrown in.  All good stuff, especially as I could have a cup of tea and an egg roll to warm me up!

From there Hannah drove me home, complete with L plates.  This was followed by a red hot shower, more lashings of hot tea and a good rest.  I certainly needed that rest and felt quite achey for the rest of the day.  This is partly due, I reckon, to this creatinine business but also through running every day - look out for my next blog post on Running Every Day in December.

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