Saturday, 30 December 2017

Comfyballs review

I got a pair of these Comfyballs pants from Wiggle just before Christmas.  I bought them almost on impulse as a 'make weight' on an order I had placed.  The motivation was the dissatisfaction of wearing ordinary underwear underneath running tights or Ron Hill's Tracksters.

The credentials looked good on the website with enticing text such as:

Comfyballs Performance Sports/High Intensity Boxer is the flagship of the Comfyballs range and the ultimate high-performance underwear.

Plus the reviews were good and included a few fell runners saying positive things, for example"

"Have really enjoyed using this product. It can be so difficult to find the right underwear as a runner, but these are about the best I have tried. Super-comfortable, zero-chafing and great support where it's needed the most! Have been wearing them under my running shorts for training runs and races on fells and trails for the last few months now. Very impressed!"

So with those recommendations how could I refuse?  Even the extremely steep £30 price tag seemed worth it for a great piece of kit, if only that were the case.  Sorry.  I am not impressed.

I have worn these once for running and continued to wear them for a few hours afterwards, under my jeans.  Sure there's a nice smooth fit and the seams are indeed unobtrusive.  And yet it is the "front package" I have the problem with.  You will need to excuse me for my language, I'll try to tone it down as I do like to be polite as I write.

The "front package" is, as the name suggests, for your balls.  I have always thought of myself as being pretty average in that department but it seems I might be wrong.  I consulted my wife who doesn't see what the problem is.  The front package is where your balls, your wedding tackle, manhood and so on is housed.  It is FAR TOO LOOSE!

You might think I bought the wrong size but I don't believe this is the case.  My waist is 32" and that is perfect for the medium size as it covers the 30-32" for 76-81cm waist size.

When I say FAR TOO LOOSE what I mean is my genitals were bouncing around, all free and easy while I was running, feeling nice and cool and unrestrained.  I wasn't used to that feeling and much prefer a slightly snugger fit, where everything is kept neatly in place.

So sorry, I don't like them and I'm sending them back.  In all seriousness Wiggle are always great when it comes to returning unwanted, wrong size items so I'm not anticipating any problems.

The question raised by this is, however, what is the ideal underwear for running.  In the slightly warmer months I wear running shorts with a mesh liner and my favourite ones are by Ron Hill and Salomon are also very good.  These are great, no need to have any other underwear but in these winter months I do need something else.  I like the idea of a bamboo fabric and I'm sure I have seen some at a show somewhere but I can't remember where or when.

If you have giant genitals and fancy investing £30, here's the link

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