Sunday, 5 October 2014

Are my running shoes worn out?

One things I have noticed since I have started running again, is that my running shoes feel a bit "flat" and my feet are landing a little heavier than I remember.  This has had me puzzled a little as there is definitely something different going on....

I know that I am a whopping 4lbs heavier than normal, so that can possibly explain the different sensation.  Another factor is that I am still getting my running fitness back; I'm not there yet and I have experienced a slight strain in my groin which I have experienced before when I have run too much too quickly.

Perhaps the most likely explanation is that my running shoes are worn out and need replacing.  Now we all know running shoes need replacing after 500 - 600 miles and, yet again, I fear I have exceeded this mileage with my current shoes. So I feel myself starting the process of buying some more!

I don't normally enjoy buying running shoes because there always seems to be an element of risk unless I'm buying an identical pair.  What is making me feel a little cross with myself is that I normally like to have TWO PAIRS of running shoes on the go at any one time.  I have blogged before about the advantages of this together with the other signs of shoes being worn out.  It comes to something when you find yourself referring to your own blog for advice!


Are my running shoes worn out?

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