Monday, 29 September 2014

Running again!

It is far too long since I last blogged properly, so here goes.  I am back into running after spending more time cycling earlier this year and I can tell you, I am seriously enjoying it.

The latest is that I have entered the Ridgeway Run once again, organised by Tring Running Club.  I have done this three times in the past and the last was in 2011.  I remember it as a nice little local race without the sophistication of these huge mass runs involving thousands of runners.  Instead this is relatively small with a couple of hundred runners, no chip times, not too many of those horrible commercial over tones.  It is a 9.7 mile race which goes from the outskirts of Tring, up around the Ashridge Estate, along some of the Ridgeway long distance footpath before dropping back down into Tring.  It is a nice race in pleasant scenery.

Preparing for that I have had a few mid week runs around Stevenage after work, also serves to de-stress myself at the end of a busy day.  Stevenage maybe architecturally challenged and have it's fair share of social deprivation but it is a great place for running - lots of wide footpaths and Fairlands Valley Park is ideal.

A couple of days ago (Saturday) I did a 10 mile run along the towpath of the Grand Union Canal.  I thoroughly enjoyed it as it is different scenery for me.  This seems to be working out quite well as my youngest daughter, Hannah, has taken up Kayaking and has joined the local club.  This all comes together so nicely with Hannah paddling and for me running for anything up to 90 minutes.

The benefits of the run were, and are, immense.  Not only did I have that lovely Runner's High feeling all day long but I also had a nice energised feeling throughout my body.  As I have been gradually building up my distances, week by week, there was no particular ache or strain.  So the training is going well.

I took a look at the Tring Running Club website and clocked my previous times - around 1hr 17mins each time.  The last time I did this event was in 2011 so I will be pleased if my time is anywhere near the same!

Some friends

Some friends from church have somehow or other found themselves committed to a crazy obstacle course next year and have asked if I can help train them up for it.  They are going for the 5k distance so no huge barriers in that sense.  What I am unsure about are the obstacles.... having seen that kind of thing before it looks great fun albeit potential for falling off muddy wooden structures and broken collar bones.  Call me a coward but I prefer keeping my feet on the ground, or on two wheels!

To complicate it, Hannah has said she's like to do the event, providing I'd do it with her.  That suddenly gives me a dilemma.....


The Runner's High
Ridgeway Run 2010
Ridgeway Run 2011
The joy of the long run

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