Friday, 26 September 2014

Guest blog: The Super Food Super Guide

Growing older and officially becoming a senior citizen at the age of 65 can bring massive amounts of joy. For this is the time in one’s lifespan to enjoy grandchildren, retirement, senior discounts and increased health insurance benefits.

This time can also bring about a plethora of health maladies as the body ages and contends with increased susceptibility to sickness. While no senior is invincible, the guide below will recommend several sources of essential proteins, vitamins and nutrients needed by the body to build its defenses against sickness and disease. 

Combined with recent advances in senior care technology that make disease detection and prevention easier than ever before, healthy eating is something simple, affordable and even fun that a senior citizen can partake in to preserve his or her lifestyle. From blueberries to chia seeds, avocados to acai juice, they don’t call them superfoods for nothing. Here’s why: 

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