Monday, 14 July 2014

I'm back and running again!

After a few months break from this blog and running, I'm now back.  All is well and here's a summary of what has been happening:

  1. Since 1st January I have cycled 2,433 miles, this has included 122,000 feet of climbing.  This is more than I would usually do if I'm spending time running.
  2. The reason for concentrating on cycling has been the Coast to Coast in a Day sportive - click here for my account of the 150 mile bike ride.  This has been a wonderful "project" in terms of training, getting my bike right and the company of my friends who I did it with.  
  3. At almost the last minute before the Coast to Coast I invested in a Garmin Edge 800 to help with navigation; I was afraid I'd miss a sign and get lost.  I should say that when I'm tired I know I am less attentive and observant, therefore the chances of missing a sign were probably much higher.  Having this gizmo now opens up further possibilities.... unless anyone makes me an offer I can't refuse (it cost me £218).
  4. During the months where cycling dominated, most weeks I have managed one run.  Normally this has been about 3 miles, just enough to keep my hand in so to speak.  Now is the time to pick that up once again....

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