Sunday, 5 May 2013

MK Marathon weather forecast

If you're running tomorrow in the MK Marathon, those helpful organisers have pointed runners to some useful advice.

The advice is based on the warm weather which is forecast for Milton Keynes with temperatures ranging from 13C to 17C with bright / sunny conditions.  Sounds great but there is a risk we runners could over heat as we are definitely not used to these conditions (a month ago there was snow on the ground).  Even sunblock could be a considerations for some.

Here's their helpful link through to the Runner's Medical Resource -

Mind you, I doubt if I am the only runner who remembers the horrible conditions last year; these were quite the opposite!  Why not take a look at my account of last year's marathon - Click here - and for those not there, this photo might give you the idea

Here's sending best wishes to all other runners taking part on Monday - good luck, stay safe and enjoy all 26.2 miles!


  1. Hi Doug,
    Looks like it's going to be a hot one!
    Get plenty of sleep tonight and have a great marathon tomorrow.
    Best wishes, 'H'

  2. Thanks H. Would you believe the kids have just sent me to bed! It's only 8.45pm!