Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The things people say

When cycling, people quite often hurl a few insults my way.  This last year has included "get the f***out of my way" and "you cyclists are all plebs" and followed by "you think you own the road, get off and on to the pavement where you belong".

Running on the other hand has brought some slightly more endearing comments and interactions.   As one occurred yesterday while on my latest stress busting run in Stevenage, I thought it was worth recording a few:

"Get those knees up, son" said a younger, heavier man in a cheery way

"We wish we could run like you" said an elderly couple with their walking sticks

"Wow you're brave - shorts in the winter - are you a postman?" asked someone in my neighbourhood

"You're doin' well, keep it up" said an encouraging man as I gasped up a steep hill

And my favourite -

"Nice arse" said a couple of middle aged women, walking their dogs on Dunstable Downs last year as I sped passed them.  

No, this is not me!

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