Thursday, 13 November 2014

DW Sports - get your act together!

I had been thinking of re-joining my local DW Sports for the winter months; there are many advantages of doing this for us thrifty, keep-fit sporty types.  I have fairly positive memories of being a previous member at their well equipped place in downtown Dunstable.  It wasn't perfect but not bad at all.

So recently I got in touch to find out what the deal is.  They are more remote nowadays if you enquire on-line and end up giving your email address which then leads to spam.  Grrrrr.  I am unsubscribing from that.

I emailed the local club and said what I wanted - cost effective gym membership for a few months - what could they offer me?  No reply.  Poor show DW.

Instead Pay As U Gym looks pretty good.  I took the offer of a free trial session and then I have bought five prepaid sessions for November.  Simple - no 12 month contract and competitively priced too.  I will be bringing you a review on my experiences of this and the fitness club involved fairly soon.

Below I am listing some previous posts on DW.  The review is positive, the other posts paint a less rosy picture, especially of the store.  Please bear in mind these are a few years ago and apply to one individual store and fitness club - it might not be an accurate impression of what you'll find yourself and you will need to check it out and form your own opinion.


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