Tuesday, 11 November 2014

300,000 page views

I have just noticed my latest stats and my blog just passing the 300,000 page views in the last few days.

To me it seems extraordinary how any of us can start blogging to a world wide audience quite easily.  Although there's nothing new in this with a huge number of blogs around, I still think it's amazing.

I have learnt quite a few things about blogging the hard way and I'm still learning!  One of the things that has surprised me has been how one or two posts have really taken off.  The most popular post has been Who would drive a black Range Rover which ironically was a bit of a "filler" post.  Having had almost 23,000 page views on its own, it is a reminder for me that bloggers need to take a little responsibility for their posts and be aware of unintended audiences.  I say this as the Range Rover post takes a bit of a swipe at the drivers of these cars and I suspect many of the readers might be owners of these cars, not runners or cyclists like me who might be a little intimated by Range Rovers.  Actually since that post I have encountered a few more of these and my opinions haven't changed.  I am, however, making an exception in favour of our friend Dave who has a black Range Rover and he's a very nice man.

The next most popular post is arguably less of a surprise as it is How to give up smoking in one easy step with over 21,000 hits, clearly fitting with my healthy living theme.  This is an account of how I started smoking several decades ago and more importantly, how I gave up.

From starting my blog the page view rate grew quite steadily and peaked in April 2012 with 19,996 page views in that month.  Since then it has declined and bobbing along at less than half the peak.

I like blogging!

Through blogging I have had a number of people leave comments and contact me directly.  This all adds depth and interest.  Sometimes people contact me for advice, asking direct questions which I happily answer.  Some people leave comments, which is nice and encouraging.  Here's sending a big 'thank you' to all my blog readers.

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