Friday, 23 August 2013

Review - Saucony Omni 11

Saucony Omni 11
Well it's time to get blogging again after a "summer slow down" and I thought I'd tell you a little bit about my Saucony Omni progrid 11's that I bought a few months ago.

Regular readers will know I like Saucony's and they've been pretty good and as far as I'm concerned, they suit me better than the Brooks or Asics that I've also tried out.  Those others have been pretty good but, as I say, Saucony have been my favourite so far.

These Omni 11s were a new step for me, thinking they'd be just like my Omni 10s.  Not so but before I go into all the details, here's the low down, lifted directly from the official Saucony website:

The Omni 11 continues to be the ultimate option for the runner with moderate-to-high stability needs, and now weighs only 10.9 oz./309 gm (1.5 oz/40 gm lighter than Omni 10!). We’ve introduced Support Frame for overall support and stability in the heel, and the heel-to-toe offset has been adjusted from 12mm to 8mm to promote a more balanced, efficient stride throughout the gait cycle. A beveled (rounded) heel edge allows for a better transition from heel to midfoot, while the ProGrid™ technology (previously in heel only) is extended to the entire foot bed for a more seamless feel. Weight: 10.9 oz. / 309 gm.

My view

  • They are noticeably lighter than the Omni 10s - which never felt heavy at all.  It's just the Omni 11s are lighter
  • I adapted to them very easily
  • Flat laces are less likely to come undone
  • My feet are fairly average width and these fit very well
  • They appear to be durable.  I would estimate I have done 300 miles and apart from the sole there is no sign of any wear.  No seams are being stressed and no problems with the mesh panels breaking apart at all
  • I feel secure running in these shoes as they fit so well


  • Seem quite bulky and I have tripped a few times.  I cannot prove this was anything to do with the shoes but they do, nevertheless, seem a little bulky.  There is a very generous cushioning around the heel
  • Not sure of the colour scheme but this is down to personal choice
Probably worth mentioning that there are plenty of other reviews around on these and these speak well of these shoes on the whole.  For me, running in these is a comfortable experience and they're well supported.  Although these are for moderate pronators I do find myself running differently and I'm landing on the mid section (or slightly forward) rather than the heel-to-toe action.

While it's easy to hurl a snowball at the likes of Saucony et al and accuse them of over pricing, you just need to examine the construction and see how many different components go in to making these shoes.  Each one has to be designed, tested, manufactured and fitted together to make a shoe.  Then possibly shipped half way around the World in a box.  Pay for all that, then add R&D, marketing, local taxes (20% VAT here in the UK) the profits of your middle man, the retailer's cut and then you, yourself, might make a little.

My conclusion
Yep, pretty good.  Would I buy another pair?  Yes but I 'd get another gait analysis done as I think my running form has changed a bit over the last year.  Weird I know, but I think it's true.

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