Monday, 12 August 2013

Healthy living and old age

Today at work I had an interesting conversation with a colleague, we were at the tea station on our floor in the office.  She was telling me about her grandmother, who is African and lives a leafy suburb in the tropics.  The grandmother is 105 years old and still in pretty good shape.

I couldn't resist asking a little more and by the time we'd finished talking my tea was cold and I had to remake it!  This was one of those conversations which just flowed so nicely.  These are the main points (which I just loved hearing all about):
  • Teetotal for life.  This means she hasn't drunk any alcohol
  • She has never smoked
  • She stays as active as she can, given her age
  • While she has never been a "runner" as I am, she has cycled a fair bit and carried on until she was quite elderly
  • She travelled to England for a visit when she was 103 and has a "young at heart" outlook.  Much to be said about keeping a positive approach to life.  While she was here in England she had a suspected stroke which led to an ambulance being called.  She refused to be put into a wheel chair in order to get into the ambulance but instead climbed on herself.  She was discharged shortly afterwards and everything was okay.
  • She has always had a simple diet, always vegetarian and almost vegan
  • Her diet includes some raw food, nicely prepared and washed to make sure it is clean
  • She lives in a comfortable, not extravagant, manner
I thought that account was wonderful, inspiring and gives food for thought.  Obviously not everything is in our control, especially as we get older as some illnesses may come along through no fault of our own.  But it just goes to show that through having an optimistic approach to life, keeping things simple, taking regular exercise, being sensible and interacting with others can all contribute to living a long time.

Me, I could be tempted with a Harley Davidson when I'm 90.  Would I get one?  Don't know, but if I can still run and cycle I will be pleased, content and appreciate my blessings.  I do intend to stay as active for as long as I can and hearing this kind of inspirational account is really encouraging.

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