Friday, 26 July 2013


Very sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, so much is happening I have not had much of an opportunity to sit down and write.  Please don't read that as being surrounded by problems, far from it.

For readers in the UK you will already know that we now have some summer weather, at long last. This combined with long summer hours of daylight mean there's more things to do outside, like ride bikes and run.  It also means other things need attention, such as the garden etc which all takes time!  Here's a little round up of a few thoughts.....


For the summer the plan is to keep running as a means of "ticking over".  I am running two or three times a week and around an hour each time.  I love running at dusk or, even better, early in the morning and before anyone else is up.  That is the best time ever!  Also a brilliant way of setting myself up for the day ahead.

Although running has only become a feature in my life over the last few years, I love it and in some ways I prefer it to cycling.  I never thought I would EVER say a thing like that, having loved cycling since I was a kid.  Running seems such a natural thing to do and has lots of advantages.  At 51 I'm never going to break any records but I enjoy the odd race and fancy seeking an event in the autumn - maybe a nice muddy half marathon or even a 20.  

Already the mail shots are starting to come through and tempt me to sign up for the 2014 MK Marathon.  Having enjoyed it twice I might run this again and try and stay under 4 hours.  If I can manage to stay free of flu, or any other irritating bugs, colds, injuries etc I ought to run a good time.  However, my cyclist friend Jeremy is trying to tempt me to do a 150 mile Coast to Coast ride in June 2014 - all in a day, click here.  


Well I really have enjoyed cycling to work one or two days a week during the summer.  I am fortunate in that I have a variety of different routes to take and I sometimes decide to "make it up" as I go along.  Typically the distance is 22 or 23 each way and most is on fairly quiet country lanes - this is blissful!  Quite hilly though, but I don't mind this as I know it's good interval training.  I know my cycling muscles have improved over the last few weeks.


In the public sector, we seem to take it in turns in facing huge organisational change.  We've had our share of cuts over the last few years and I have managed to survive these.  In spite of that further savings have to be made and we're facing a further period of unprecedented change over the next two years.  I have no idea where these changes will take me or what I'll be doing, or indeed whether I will have a job at all.

What would be our first choice isn't always the best choice, and I am reminded of my trust in God for the right things to happen - for the right doors to open and close at the right time.

Running and cycling and eating well are all important components of staying in good shape.  They help me in being able to think things through, to step back and see things a little more clearly.  


  1. I have always found work problematic one way or another and when in the public sector had more than my share of discip's, IAP's etc. I was OK with the public but fell foul of the system.(I think.)
    Having said that I did have running and for about eight yrs, a 20 mile cycle commute.
    I believe these are what saved me from self-destruction,for some of the reasons you mention above.(Although for a time I'm ashamed to say I was addicted to a certain pain-relief Gas that they offer to Women in Labour)
    What I believe is this: Every time you get changed and get out of the door to run (or ride) then you are winning, whatever your problems are.
    As for God, well I think I'm still working on that one.
    Regards, 'H'

    1. Hi H,

      Nice to hear from you again. I really appreciate you sharing this, thank you.

      You have had quite a journey judging by this. You have clearly been on a rocky road over the years with all kinds of ups and downs and we both recognise the benefits of running and cycling with the difference they can make.

      Don't forget to use to contact me directly, if that would be useful for you.

      Kind regards,