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Review - Jordans breakfast multigrain bars

Jordans Breakfast Multigrain bars
If you were expecting another positive review of a snack bar where I raved on about how delicious, how scrummy and how healthy, think again.  You see, some people might expect me to like everything I am either asked to review or maybe buy myself.  These just don't hit the mark and here's the story.....

The product
Jordans breakfast bars are available in a number of High Street shops as well as Amazon.  Amongst the multitude of garbage the supermarkets sell as snack food, these are pretty good in terms of their natural ingredients and heritage.

This breakfast bar is one of a range of 11 bars, covering a variety of tastes.  The other flavours do, however, sound tempting on the face of it: maple & pecan, luxury absolute berry bar are a couple that caught my eye.   Jordans also do a range of cereals too.  This is the only one I have tried so you could, maybe, argue I haven't given them a fair view.  Have I?   We cannot deny first impressions and it is human nature to allow these initial views to influence us.

The bars are sold in boxes of six bars.  The bars are 40g each but appear bigger because of all the packaging - the plastic covering, the cardboard box.... annoying, irritating.  Why manufacturers think they can still get away with putting their products in packaging which makes them appear bigger than they real are still puzzles me.  Jordans are not alone with this - many follow this dreadfully dishonest practice.

Nutrionally they are okay.  Each bar brings you 164 calories, 3.2g protein, 12.4g sugars and 3.4g of fibre.  Of the fat 5.1g of fat just 1.1g is saturated fats.  So on paper, they're not bad.  You won't get too fat on these and they do give you a boost of energy.

The cost
£2.23 buys you a pack of 6 bars, that's 37p each.  That's okay, I guess.

What are they like?
Remember this is my own view, you might disagree and absolutely love them.  I reckon they are sticky, a bit sickly with a bit of an "after taste" - almost as if there is some nasty sweetener mixed in.  But there isn't, at all.  They do contain plenty of sugar, glucose syrup, honey and raw cane sugar: no wonder they taste so sickly!

Also, worth noting that the bars I had contained hardly any fruit.  The ingredients list "fruit and nuts" at 27%.  So with that it's hard to know exactly how much fruit to expect, could be 26% nuts and 1% fruit. Could be that my box had a mixture that wasn't typical.  Nevertheless there was hardly any fruit at all which was disappointing.

So there you go.  If you aren't too interested in the details of the ingredients and the way they are blended together and don't mind something very sweet, these will be to your liking.  They are better than many other snack foods offered by mainstream supermarkets.  For me, I won't be buying these again, sorry.  Each to their own, as they say.

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