Sunday, 3 February 2013

Running update

Yesterday's run!

You know when everything comes together and you have a great run?  You do?  Great!

If, on the other hand you're reading this and you are not too sure, please let me explain.

A great run for me is when all the different ingredients are there and they fall into place.  Yesterday morning this is what it was like:

  • It was daybreak.  My favourite time of day for running and it was the first time this year I had really clocked the sunrise as being much earlier.  That's a good feeling.
  • It was cold, about 1C and I appreciated feeling the cold air on my face while the rest of me was just right.  It was crisp and fresh.
  • My pace was faster than normal, right from the outset.  I didn't "try" to do this, it just happened.  Somehow my muscles and joints seemed to be loosened up from the outset.  I don't know why this was the case, my routine beforehand was little different to any other time
  • I was running with an air of optimism, being positive about the future in spite of a few dark clouds swirling around my world of work right now
  • As this was the first time I had run my favourite 7.5 mile hilly route for a few weeks, I was keen to see what it was like; how the countryside may have changed following the snow and heavy rains we've had.  There were a few changes here and there which I noticed - the one that made me smile were little clumps of aconites and snowdrops flowering (always a lovely sight when winter is dragging on a bit)
  • I ran a good time, I'm sure I did but slightly ironic that I didn't time myself as it started off as such a routine run

Now the snow has gone....

Running can now take place without this pesky obstacle.  Just as well really as I am behind with my running schedule for the MK Marathon in May but I'm sure I can get myself back on track without too much difficulty.  I think the schedule has me running for up to two hours and I can do this without too many issues (during or afterwards) although I do have a niggly calf muscle right now.

I am in the habit of running afterwork with a colleague on Wednesday.  This seems to work well and we go for about 45 - 60 minutes at an easy pace so we can still have a bit of a conversation.  We have been dubbed as a pair of highlighter pens (as we wear bright yellow jackets).

But two of my friends are giving up running

I have two friends who are long term runners and turning 50, making me a little older than them.  I was so sad to hear that both of them are quitting running because of various injuries and whether the joy of it seems to have gone for them both.  Neither of my friends know each other.  I feel so sad for them as I know it means a lot to them.

It had me wondering whether they have burnt themselves out as they have been running for most of their adult lives?  Perhaps I still have a few more miles left as I have come to it somewhat later in life.  Does that make a difference?  Perhaps it does?

I like the idea of writing a book!

With my new Whizzo computer working like a dream, I'm enjoying computer things more now and have signed up for the Apple one-to-one tuition to know more of how to get the best from it.  I have so much to say about running and I'm thinking of writing an e-book.  

What do you think?  Could this work - a combination of practical "how to" and some inspirational bits from others?  Surely there are lots of would-be newbee runners out there who could spend 50p on a book?


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